Kesehatan Vegan – Minimarket Vegan – dr. Satyawira Aryawan Deng

Pusat Makanan Sehat Organik, Natural, MPASI, Grosir & Eceran :

Sports Nutrition

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Referensi :

Vegan Weightlifting: What Does the Science Say? by Jack Norris, RD

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition (2006) by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, PhD, RD

Who says you have to eat meat to be a successful athlete? by Jonah Keri
While not science-based, this article gives the perspective of some professional athletes who are vegetarian and vegan.

Nine-time Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis talks about a vegan diet here.

This Men’s Health article, The Men Who Live Forever, talks about vegan Scott Jurek who has won seven Western States 100 ultramarathons.


Author: satyadeng

I. Dokter Umum (Dokter Vegan / Plant-Based Diet) II. Akupunktur Medik III. Skin & Slimming Care IV. Program Pencegahan & Pemulihan Penyakit V. Lymphedema Center Indonesia VI. Catering Pencegah Penyakit VII. PIRT Kesehatan Vegan Kuartet Nabati VIII. Minimareket Vegan : Pusat Makanan Sehat Organik & Natural

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