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Aflatoxin Metabolism by Liver Microsomal Preparations of Two Different Species

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R. S. Portman, K. M. Plowman, and T. C. Campbell Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Blacksburg, Virginia

Aflatoxin, the well known carcinogen produced by the mold Aspergillus  flavus, has been shown to relatively ineffective in producing characteristic toxicity (Platonow, 1964) and liver cancer symptoms (Newberne et al., 1965) in mice. Studies were undertaken to evaluate the reasons for this resistance shown by mice as opposed to rats, since subtle differences between these species may be suggestive of the toxicologic and/or carcinogenic mechanism. Previous work done in this lab and reported elsewhere (Portman et al., 1968) showed that rat liver slices promoted a faster aflatoxin B1 disappearance from the incubating medium than did mouse liver slices. However, it was not determined whether this rate of disappearance was a reflection of uptake by the cells or metabolic rate,

per se. Therefore, further experiments were designed to evaluate the relative rates of metabolism in these two species using liver microsomal preparations.

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