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41st IVU World Vegfest – Malaysia, October 2013

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In 2013 the 41st IVU World Vegfest will combine with the 6th Asian Veg Congress, hosted by the Malaysian Vegetarian Society:
For the latest details from the Malaysian VegSoc, go to: – see the left sidebar for more details

Malaysia 2013 – Call for Speakers:

Below is some background information and ideas about possible extensions to your trip:

– the 2013 Vegfest opens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday October 3, and continues there to Sunday 6
– Monday 7 – tour of KL
optional extension:
– Tuesday 8 – travel north to Penang, followed by veg workshop and dinner
– Wednesday 9 – tour of Penang
– Thursday 10 – return to KL, or on to Phuket, Thailand

– there is a plan for an optional post-Vegfest trip over to Southern Thailand from the 10th (Penang is near the border) for the annual veg festival held across Thailand. Here’s a report about their 2012 celebrations:

If you want to extend your trip further, see below for Veg events in India, California and Australia, just before or after the World Vegfest.

Travel Options to the IVU World Vegfest – see:

A blog about brief stop-over in Kuala Lumpur, October 2010 by the IVU Manager:



If you want to extend the trip, there will be a Vegan Festival in India the previous weekend – September 27-29. For more details of that see:

– a blog about a similar vegan gathering in India in 2010, from the IVU Manager:

We have confirmation that the San Francisco Veg Festival, in the Golden Gate Park, will be the weekend before the IVU World Vegfest – Sept. 27-29. So if you’re in North America (possibly elsewhere) you might want to stop off at this great event to break up the long journey. Details will be here in due course:

The Vegsource Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Los Angeles is now confirmed as the weekend of October 18-20 – so you could stop of there on your way home. Details of that in due course via

To see what we did at the 40th IVU World Vegfest in SF and LA, 2012:


There are always a lot of veg events around Australia in the 2nd half of October, and it’s very easy to get there from Malaysia. We’ll be adding details of them soon – so you can include those if you want to catch up with friends and family there, or just visit this amazing country – more details:

If you’d like to stop off in China instead of going to Thailand – there is the Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair 2013 to be held on Oct 10-13 – Xiamen in on the South-East Coast of China, opposite Taiwan, about four hours from Malaysia.  More details at (in Chinese, with a link to the English version which should be updated soon…)

Travel Options for India and on to Malaysia – see:

Below: some of the delegates to the South East Asia Veg Congress, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2012 – come and meet all these great people in Malaysia 2013:

Keep up to date:

See our facebook event page for Malaysia 2013:

– and FB group for IVU Member & Supporters:

– or just follow IVU on our public FB page:

– or if you prefer updates by email – subscribe the Vegfest News – this is news only, not a discussion group:

Referensi :

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