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Makanan alami untuk diabetes

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10 Natural Therapies of Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease that is related to the insulin deficiency and higher glucose levels. It is a lifelong disease and the patient suffers from many complications during this period. Higher levels of glucose in blood tissue may also invite other disorders. The symptoms of diabetes mellitus are very complicated but are identified when two or more symptoms are found in group. Diagnostic symptoms also help to identify diabetes. Nature has many gifts for the diabetics. Both the Type I and II patients may enjoy these natural therapies of diabetes. These are better as compared to the synthetic treatments. Most of the people find it hard to select the best natural therapies.

Following are given the top ten natural therapies of diabetes. It should be noted that these natural therapies are equally beneficial for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

10. True Aloe Gel (Aloe vera)

Aloe gel is mostly used and a significant decrease in blood glucose level has been reported. Aloe vera is a good mix of all the enzymes, carbohydrates and minerals that are necessary for homeostasis. Most of the ingredients are very active and provides a good glucose balance. The essential amino acids are those which are required by the body on regular basis and Aloe gel provides the 20 to 22 amino acids. Anti-inflammatory hormones are also present that serve as a good nourishment for the beta cells. Aloe vera gel has a proven efficacy against diabetes type 2 and a regular intake may help the patient to combat disease. Positive effects on immune system are also reported.

9. Miracle Fruit Leaves (Gymnema sylvestre)

Miracle fruit is an Indian herb and serve as a rich source of gymnemic acids. Most of the people use this magical herb to treat many problems that are related to diabetes. The extracts of gymnema leaves are very used to block the sugar receptors present in the tongue and consequently, there is a significant decrease in blood glucose level. This herbal treatment has been used since prehistoric times but the taste of the leaf extract has very offensive properties. The short term effect of this herbal medication is proven by experiments. Chemically, the leaves are rich in many active compounds which are collectively termed as gymnemic acids.

8. Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia)

It is also called as bitter squash and used as a vegetable in South Asian countries. Momordicin 1 is considered to be the most active substance present in Momordica. It contains another bioactive compound called as lectin that acts to lower the blood sugar. The lectin acts as an insulin substitute and results to lower the blood sugar in case of diabetes type 2. The active sites are occupied by this bioactive and hence results to give the balanced sugar levels. Juice of the bitter melon is effective to give the desired results, i.e. lower glucose level in blood. If used on regular basis, the natural treatments of diabetes may prove to be effective as compared to the allopathic treatments. A significant effect on blood cholesterol level and cardiac problem has been reported. It is also used as an anti-cancer therapy.

7. Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum spp.)

Several studies proved the efficacy of cinnamon as an anti-diabetes therapy. Bark is used in the form of powder and helps to decrease the glucose levels. Out of many natural treatments of diabetes, this is very effective as it provides a good mix of all the minerals that act as substitutes for insulin. Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Iodine, etc. provides a good support for the diabetics and these are all naturally packed inside the bark of Cinnamomum species. In many cases, it has been observed that it performed better than the synthetic medicines.

6. Fig Leaves (Ficus carica)

Besides providing a good therapy for the skin and stomach issues, fig leaves have been known as a proven treatment for diabetes. Most of the diabetics believe that fig leaves are better as compared to other natural treatments of diabetes. Fig leaves are rich in minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Folic acid, etc. and vitamins such as vitamin A, B complex, etc. The consumption of leaves on regular basis helps to balance the blood sugar level and consequently, patient feels comfortable. It is a natural laxative as well as it is used to treat insomnia. Out of many natural treatments of diabetes, it is a better therapy.

5. Curry Leaves (Murraya koenigii)

Curry leaves are used as a spice in Asian countries and mostly used to give a specific spice aroma to the Asian dishes. In case of diabetes, it helps in three ways. Firstly it is a rich source of minerals that helps to take over the active sites in the absence of insulin. Secondly, it removes the free radicals by the anti-oxidation mechanism. Thirdly, it participates actively in carbohydrate metabolism and hence plays a part in decreasing the blood glucose level.

4. Fenugreek seeds (Trigonella spp.)

Fenugreek seeds are very good therapy for treating type 1 diabetes. Considered to be natural as therapy for type 1 diabetes, these seeds serve as a rich source of minerals and antioxidants. Most of the people also use it along with their daily diet. It has been used as a diet ingredient in most of the Asian foods and fruit pickles. The powder of the seeds is used for achieving lower blood sugar levels. The usual dosage is two times a day or as recommended. There are no side effects and the powder can be used with many types of diets. Many natural treatments of diabetes prove effective but this method is very distinct as far as the availability is concerned.

3. Grape seeds (Vitis spp.)

Grape seeds are also used for the cure of diabetes. The seed extract is rich in vitamins especially vitamin E and phenols. The action of this seed extract is to increase the body ability to resist the oxidative stress. Most of the natural treatments are intended to act slowly and a regular dose is necessary for good results. It is also an interesting fact that you can integrate more than 2 natural therapies after in an optimum dosage. As far as grape seed is concerned, there is a progressive decrease in blood glucose level with the passage of time and proves to be effective in Type 1 diabetes.

2. Neem (Azadirachta indica)

Neem leaves are very broad in their action as far as diabetes and other disorders are concerned. The action is limited to blood and the active azadirachtin results in lowering the requirement of insulin. The lower requirement of insulin is due to the inactive glucose in blood. Patients suffering from the Type I and II diabetes take the powdered leaves as the treatment. The azadirachtin is the active ingredient and play the role in lowering sugar levels.

1. Black Seeds (Nigella sativa)

Black Nigella seeds are used in many forms. Powder and oil is mostly used to treat the diabetes issue but water extracts are also used. It has been reported that it is a permanent therapy for diabetes. Latest research trials are reporting further development. The bioactive compounds include thymoquinone, niginone and volatile oils as well as many minerals that help to serve as a substitute of insulin. This natural therapy is now most recommended as it has proven results and no side effects. It also affects your cardiac health and homeostasis.

Natural therapies are the best way to live a healthy life with diabetes. These have very low risks but great care should be taken in determination of dosages as sudden drop in glucose level may also prove to be damaging at any stage of life. Whenever you diagnose the 10 symptoms of diabetes, you should incorporate these components in your daily or routine diet, in order to live a happy life

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