Apotek Miami (Minimarket Vegan) – Satyawira Medical Center (Klinik Vegan)

I. Dokter Umum II. Akupunktur Medik III. Skin & Slimming Care IV. Program Pencegahan & Pemulihan Penyakit V. Lymphedema Center Indonesia VI. Catering Pencegah Penyakit VII. PIRT Kuartet Nabati VII. Pusat Makanan Sehat Organik & Natural

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Hubungan Vegetarian dan Kanker

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There has not been enough data on vegans to determine their cancer rates.

The tables below show the results of cancer mortality and incidence rates from all studies that have looked at vegetarians. Unless otherwise noted, the rates are given for mortality, not incidence. Statistically significant findings are in red type. As you can see, most studies have not shown a difference between vegetarians and meat-eaters regarding cancer.

If you are not familiar with them, click here for a quick explanation of Disease Rate Statistics. Baca lebih lanjut