Apotek Miami (Minimarket Vegan) – Satyawira Medical Center (Klinik Vegan)

I. Dokter Umum II. Akupunktur Medik III. Skin & Slimming Care IV. Program Pencegahan & Pemulihan Penyakit V. Lymphedema Center Indonesia VI. Catering Pencegah Penyakit VII. PIRT Kuartet Nabati VII. Pusat Makanan Sehat Organik & Natural

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Breast Cancer Recurrence


Lack of information and misinformation are rampant in the cancer field.  Most people are unaware that most traditional cancer treatments don’t work and that there are alternatives.  When I make this statement many people  are quick to refer to a friend or relative who had cancer a couple of years ago and recovered.  However, the recovery may be temporary, as there is a very high recurrence rate for many types of cancer.
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