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Reversing Heart Disease with Diet


I would like to introduce you to my friend Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., a man you will be hearing a lot more about in coming years. Having won a gold medal (Yale Crew team) in the 1956 Olympics, Dr. Esselstyn quickly advanced to a distinguished career in surgery at the renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In 1985, when drugs were considered the treatment of choice for heart patients (as they mostly still are), Dr. Esselstyn embarked on a revolutionary course of action. The results of his investigation are being made available here for the first time to the larger public, thanks to Dr. Esselstyn’s gracious sharing of his pre-publication research findings.

His story is rather like that of Professor Dean Ornish, who is on our Advisory Board, and who convincingly showed that heart disease could be reversed in seriously ill heart patients when they used a low-fat diet, exercised, and managed their stress. Dr. Esselstyn’s findings contribute some important new information to the Ornish study. Continue reading