Kesehatan Vegan – Minimarket Vegan – dr. Satyawira Aryawan Deng

Makanan Sehat, Kacang-Kacangan, Biji-Bijian, Buah Kering, Organik, Natural, MPASI, Grosir & Eceran

Pengobatan Hipertensi dengan Vegan


Rapid reduction of serum cholesterol and blood pressure by a twelve-day, very low fat, strictly vegetarian diet.Blood pressure for all patients fell in 11 days from 128/75 to 119/71 mmHg on the average, representing a 9/4 mmHg decrease. This is a 7% fall in systolic and a 5% fall in diastolic pressure over eleven days. Participants with higher blood pressures on entry (greater than 140/90 mmHg) had a greater reduction in blood pressure (17/13 mmHg average). (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2012, Vol.14, No.5, 491-496, by John Mc Dougall, M.D.)

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